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Testimonial 1

"We operate a complex high-precision mechanical system in an ultra high-vacuum chamber. The metal-on-metal contact without lubrication caused galling and serious wear issues, requiring frequent venting of the vacuum system to perform maintenance, at a high cost in system productivity and availability. A colleague recommended that we use TorrLube® to lubricate the moving parts. We used only a few drops in the most critical locations where metal slides on metal. We have noticed a significant improvement in performance and a considerably improved interval between required venting of the vacuum system for maintenance. No degradation of the vacuum (10-8 torr) has been observed. We are delighted with the product and recommend its use in similar critical systems."

Testimonial 2

"In one case I can remember while I was trying to introduce TorrLube® to a vacuum system. The process engineer would not use this product due to their inexperience working with vacuum chambers and also the fear that the lubricant would cause problems in the process they had so diligently worked on.

I had to prove the need for bearing lubrication inside the vacuum system because we were having to do monthly PM that required replacing all the bearings inside the chamber because the equipment engineer before me wouldn't use any lubricant on the bearing and that was the way it was no questions asked . My answer to that, was, just because that's the way it has been done for years doesn't make it right. There is a better way.

The way I finally convinced the process engineer and the management team of the need to use this product and how it would prove itself in a short period of time was to do an RGA test before the TorrLube® was introduced in the vacuum chamber and after. The RGA findings were a key factor to the management team and process engineer for allowing the TorrLube® to be used.

The Gas Analyzer is a great tool to demonstrate what is going on in your vacuum chamber. After several weeks of back and forth with RGA Data I was allowed to use TorrLube®, our availability on the vacuum system went up almost 80% within a short period and the PM that would normally cause a full day of down time were moved to bi quarterly PM. Great story and a fantastic way to prove a product to people that are not open to change.

Process Engineers and Equipment Engineer don't always see eye to eye but from time to time I'm able to get a free lunch out of them."

-Equipment Engineer in Semiconductor Industry for 15 years.

Testimonial 3

"I would like to take some time to tell you of all the application that I have used your product and how it has saved us hours of down time throughout my career in the semiconductor industry. You truly have a great product and I welcome every opportunity I get to promote it.

The TorrLube® you provided is currently being used in a harsh hi-temp Hot plate system we are building for one of our new specialized semiconductor systems. I do not want to disclose any further information about what we are doing here at (Undisclosed Company)but I will let you know that your production is one that has proven itself over and over again in my carrier and I have been in the industry since 1997. I have used it in many applications as I had mention when I worked at (Company name deleted) , at (Company name deleted) and now here at (Undisclosed Company), I truly believe in it, and for good reason.

I will send you an e-mail in the near future to set up some time where you and I can outline all the applications I have used your product."

Testimonial 4

"We used TorrLube for a bearing lubricant in a vacuum robot and it improved the motion and control considerably. The TorrLube on bearings and cables reduced the vibration and bearing rumble resulting in more accurate move to its coordinates. The TorrLube stayed in place and extended the interval between servicing. This stuff is great."

Testimonial 5

We had learned about your product from a local supplier, after contacting TorrLube we were sent some samples to try on our machinery. We've slowly been working up to 5 of our 9 chambers, so far, with excellent results. We're particularly happy with the cleanliness of our bearing rotation system after long-term usage, it leaves no residue inside the chamber. In our business, quality is determined by the cleanliness of our vacuum chambers, the less we have to work to clean and rebuild our moving parts, the more we can get done.

We're about half-way through the second syringe sample, so a little does go a long way. A few drops coats our bearings nicely, and so far, we haven't seen a bearing failure. Another application I've found for your lubricant is on fine threaded screws, which tend to seize after several heat cycles. I haven't had to re-tap a single plate since we started using TorrLube. As your product continues to prove itself, we will continue to make our standard high-vac lubricant

- Mechanical Engineer