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Specialized Lubricant Formulations

The TorrLube Company, LLC has played an integral part in formulating some of the most advanced deep vacuum, high temperature lubricants ever made available. We have a broad range of abilities and our goal is to continue developing lubricants that will function at the lowest and highest temperatures, provide superior thermo-oxidative stability under the harshest environmental conditions, protect against corrosion, and provide superior film formation under boundary conditions.

The TorrLube Company will soon make available a new line of lubricants for high temperature, deep vacuum applications plus a host of other specialized lubricants for rolling element bearings, industrial gearboxes, sintered metal bearings, and automotive applications.

Our oils and greases are formulated using the entire spectrum of commercially available synthetic fluids including synthetic hydrocarbons, alkylated naphthalenes, diesters, polyolesters, polyglycols, CTFE’s, silicones, polyphenylethers, and perfluoropolyethers

Table 1 is a matrix of greases that we can produce:


Thickener PAO Silicone PFPE PAG Esters
Lithium Complex X     X X
Lithium Hydroxy Stearate X     X X
Lithium Stearate X X      
Organo Modified Clay X       X
Amorphous Silica X X X X