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SH2 Lithium Complex Hydrocarbon Grease

TorrLube SH2 is a very advanced synthetic hydrocarbon grease that uses a specialized formulation of PAO oils and a state of the art lithium complex agent to produce a chemically inert and stable grease with excellent lubricating abilities. SH2 was specifically formulated for demanding tribological applications. The lithium complex agent we use in SH2 has improved water resistance, higher temperature abilities, and excellent anti-wear characteristics. SH2 fills the micron cracks and irregularities of adjoining surfaces and therefore improves thermal contact. SH2 grease possesses exceptional thermo-oxidative stability, and is also serviceable at very low temperatures. SH2 contains no silicone or halogen, has good vapor pressure, and excellent radiation resistance. The strong absorption properties of SH2 ensures powerful “gettering”* action and “stiction”*. SH2 is easy to use and remove and has a 10 year shelf life.


  • Rolling element bearings.
  • Aircraft instrumentation.
  • Automotive systems.
  • Military hardware.

SH2 can be removed with hydrocarbon solvents i.e. mineral spirits etc.

*Gettering: The ability to absorb harmful impurities on metal and glass surfaces.
* Stiction: Stays where it’s put.