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The TorrLube Company is committed to working with engineers to formulate application specific lubricants.

The TorrLube Company, LLC is a pro-active, service driven company that has been providing specialized lubrication products for the semi-conductor and aerospace industries for over eighteen years. We have built our reputation by advising and educating engineers about their best lubrication options early in the design stage of their applications, thereby eliminating problems down the road.

Our pro-active business model captures tremendous value for our customers. Our one-on-one relationships and direct involvement with engineers during their design stage allow us to provide or formulate the most appropriate lubricant for their specific application.

Our History is steeped in Cutting Edge Vacuum Technology.

TorrLube oil was developed for use in some of the most innovative and advanced vacuum systems of their time and introduced to the industry by Peter Clarke. Peter Joseph Clarke’s contributions to the scientific community began with his important research in Penning discharge physics. He started his own company, Sputtered Films, Inc. in 1967, to capitalize on his invention the S-Gun, the world’s first commercially successful magnetron sputtering device for thin film PVD.

The S-Gun provided the basis for progressively more sophisticated sputtering systems, including the commercially successful Research Turbo-system, the C-2-C Coater, the Shamrock, and the Endeavor PVD cluster tool. Magnetron sputtering is now widely used to fabricate advanced semiconductor, MEMS, High Brightness LED, magnetic data storage, and nanotechnology devices in laboratory and commercial facilities around the world.

Peter Clarke held numerous patents and authored various useful scientific articles relating to reactive sputtering and the 1998 recipient of both the Albert Nerken Award, by the American Vacuum Society, and the Nathaniel Sugerman Award, by the Society for Vacuum Coaters. He was also honored by his employees at Sputtered Films, Inc., who established scholarships in his name for outstanding students in the fields of Math, Science, Physics, and English, at Santa Barbara City College.

In 1999 two employees of SFI bought the TorrLube line of lubricants and started The TorrLube Company, LLC. Continuing down the path of innovation for vacuum applications they coordinated with a newly developed, cutting edge, tribology lab whose ability and willingness to create the world’s best vacuum lubricants was soon demonstrated. Through this partnership The TorrLube Company, LLC has created a flexible and nimble approach to formulating the most advanced lubricants for any application and we can do this much more quickly than anybody else out there. Quality and Speed…It’s what we believe a lubricant company should be all about. Makes sense doesn’t it?