Welcome to Torrlube.com

TorrLube® is a unique EHD lubricant formulated specifically for reducing friction and wear in precision high vacuum applications. Being an EHD lubricant means performance is optimized at the critical 2 micron thick lubricant layer separating the teeth on meshing gears, bearings to their race, and screws to their housing.

What makes TorrLube® a successful deep vacuum lubricant? It starts with our criteria:

  1. TorrLube® is uniform in molecular size and weight, assuring proper separation between moving parts and consistent lubricity.
  2. TorrLube® is free of micron sized contaminants, to prevent particulation and wear.
  3. TorrLube exhibits excellent film strength in order to withstand variations in load, temperature, and speed while under high vacuum.

Creating a lubricant that can meet these criteria is not an easy task, but it's what we do at The TorrLube Company, LLC.

What does this mean to you?

It means your applications will work longer and more efficiently. You'll spend less time maintaining your system and more time running your system. Your yields will increase and your headaches will decrease.


"After several weeks of back and forth with RGA Data I was allowed to use TorrLube®, our availability on the vacuum system went up almost 80% within a short period and the PM that would normally cause a full day of down time were moved to bi quarterly PM."

TorrLube® vacuum lubricants are complex branched and linear PFPE's that are manufactured to perform better than any other vacuum Grease or Oil available. Working with the most advanced filtration and distillation procedures, we guarantee that the TorrLube® oils and greases that reach your application were developed using the best cut from the original PFPE batch of oil, and then cleansed using purification and distillation processes unique to TorrLube®. Currently, there is no way to make our oils and greases any better. When you use TorrLube® for your application, you're using the best there is.


"We're particularly happy with the cleanliness of our bearing rotation system after long-term usage, it leaves no residue inside the chamber."